Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bread, Butter, Pasta, and White Sauce. The Things I Do for Love!

Ed recently had his innards inspected, and the doctor told him that, while he didn't have cancer (or, at least not the particular cancer the procedure was designed to find), he did need to eat more fiber and stay away from "white foods".  Of course, I've been telling him to eat better for years, but what do I know?  Anyway, we've switched over to brown rice, and I've been adding whole wheat flour to the bread, etc.  So tonight, when Ed walked through the kitchen and saw me ladling gobs of angel hair pasta mixed with a cheesy Bechamel sauce onto a "crust" of buttered, toasted French bread, he inquired plaintively if I was trying to kill him.  Topping the concoction off with green onions, tomatoes, and parmesan, I explained that it was one of Travis's dinners.  Which explained it nicely!

Travis has been feeling a bit unappreciated lately (no reason, except that he is twelve), so on Monday, when I was planning the month's menu, I let him pick out four new recipes he'd like me to try -- one per week.  The rule was that they had to be meatless, or at least not use much chicken, and pretty cheap.  Nothing about high fiber, though.  Odd as tonight's dinner seemed, it was actually quite good!  The Swiss, parmesan, and basil, along with the onions (which I feared might put Trav off once he tasted them but he liked them fine) gave it lots of flavor, and the bread, pre-toasted, was nice and crunchy.  And I served a big, lovely spinach salad with it, so Ed knew I had not entirely forgotten his health, after all.

And then we had this for dessert...

I saw this somewhere on the internet -- wish I could remember where, so I could give credit -- and instantly Knew I had to make it for Ed.  He loves eclairs, loves vanilla pudding, loved cool whip.  This is the Ultimate Ed Dessert.  And it couldn't be easier!  I put it together this morning, and by late afternoon (snack time), it was ready.  And now Both my boys know they are loved and cherished.  (And we will all be eating lightly tomorrow to make up for today's gluttony!)

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