Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Our lessons were interrupted by a very persistent meowing.  The kids went to look, and this kitten was on our porch.  It is cold and rainy, and Ed is at the doctor's office, so I was weak and let them feed it.  And now it thinks it is going to Move In.
Ed is Not going to be pleased when he comes home.

She has now made the rounds to practically every window and door in the house, climbing the screens, peering in, and yeowling.  I have explained to the kids that we Can Not have another pet.  Not even an outside pet (which this cat Clearly does Not want to be anyway).  Our washer has just died, Ed needs a filling, and our heating oil tank isn't going to fill itself.  Travis says her name is Isabella Beatrice.

On a lighter note...
 ... Travis made this creature.  He says it is a Pooka.

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