Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy, Happy Christmas!

It was a Wonderful Christmas!  The best ever, according to the kids.  (Which is what they always say, but they always mean it too.) 

Katie asked Santa for a particular bead kit, which Santa was unable to find.  Instead he put together a packet of glass beads, bead string, an origami set, a "sew a teddy bear" kit, and a kit for making cute fuzzy little animals out of pipe cleaners.  Katie was very pleased.

(Why didn't I think to get Ed a PaperJamz guitar?  Fortunately the kids are willing to share.)

 (this was Such a timely gift!  Our old one died on Thanksgiving!)

The book on clay animation has been a hit!  Travis has been happily animating all evening.

 Paper dolls!
(this was early in the day)

The bow.  I didn't really wear it all day.

Could I be any luckier?

All the presents were "Oooh!  Just what I wanted!" or "Wow!  How neat!"  No disappointments or duds.  The cinnamon rolls were perfect (if I do say so myself!), and Ed's turkey was moist and flavorful -- the best ever!  And it snowed all day!  It started in the morning and kept on steadily til 8:30 tonight.** 

The kids got a neat book on making clay stuff.  Travis has been occupied with electronics, but Katie has spent most of the day busily crafting.

(I helped with the bear.  Actually, I'd say I did half of the work.  Which was about 25% more than I'd planned on, but it could have been worse.  And she is So proud of Mr. Bearikins!)

**And now it's 10:00 and the snow has started up again.  The kids will definitely have enough for sledding tomorrow, assuming it's not too cold!

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