Sunday, December 12, 2010

Iced-In Sunday

Not really.  We are actually iced out of church today.  While we do have a severe weather warning here, I don't think our roads are too bad (Yet.  The forecast is for a couple days of miserable cold.), but apparently up the mountain the roads are considerably worse.  So no  Rose Sunday at church.  Sigh.

At least now it is snowing again!  If it is going to be cold and undriveable out, I think snow is appropriate.  At least it is pretty!  We watched Cross Creek on Friday, and while the movie was just okay (my problem with it may have been the annoying voice of the lead actress, not sure), the scenery made me homesick for Florida.  Florida as I remember it, not as the one endless subdivision it seemed to be turning into when we left, four and a half years ago. Snow falling outside my window and a fire in the fireplace, though, is a fine antidote.  We live in a beautiful place.
(the pictures are from our earlier snow, but maybe we'll get enough so the kids can sled again before Christmas!)
This is the tree Travis picked when we went tree hunting on Friday.  It is an excellent tree, but is sitting undecorated in its holder in the living room while we try to figure out where the water is leaking from.

And this is why my clothes are always covered in pet hair.

and why I never seem to make much progress in my books...
(The blowdryer is on the hearth because Katie was blow drying her doll's hair.  Naturally!)

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