Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Week

We haven't gotten a real tree yet, but early in the week we brought out some decorations.  The cats are finding pushing the little tree off the shelf and onto the floor to be even more diverting than tearing apart Advent wreaths.
(Harry, hiding.  He doesn't realize how large his backside has become.)

Ed thought this pizza was particularly nice looking.  We were all out of interesting things to put on pizza, and he prefers plain cheese anyway.  Only, given the nice clean canvas, he went a little wild with the herbs and spread them over the entire pizza.  Katie, who doesn't like green food, wept.

The cats, birdwatching.  The feeder and bird sauna are busy now, and the cats will watch the little birds for hours.

And here is Bo.  He is losing his memory.  He stands at the door and barks to go out.  He wanders around the yard for a few minutes, barking at breezes and leaves, then comes back to the door and demands to come in.  After tracking in bits of snow and dead leaves and shuffling around vaguely for a few minutes (the way I do when I walk into a room and then can't remember why I went there, only I don't track around debris), he decides that he'd like to go outside again.  And he repeats this routine all day long!  I'm pretty sure that once he's been inside for a minute or two, he forgets that he was just out.  And when he's been out, he forgets he was just in.  It wouldn't be so bad, except that every time we open the door my lovely heat escapes and the cold air comes rushing in.  Silly old dog.

And we've done school.  History is more Reformation this week, and we're doing it lightly.  Travis is doing his reading, but I'm skipping most of the reading with Katie.  Henry VIII is fun, but most of it, what with all the burnings at the stake, would just make her cry.  So our emphasis in on Shakespeare stories and Henry and his wives.

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