Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Snowy Movies

After Tremendous frustration and wasted time (not to mention some money), I seem to have the Flip video to Blogger thing working.  If I had know how much trouble it was going to be, I'd probably have just decided to stick with photo albums (except that I haven't done those since Katie was an infant).  Well, that's not true -- I've really been wanting a video camera.. The camera actually takes much clearer video, so the blurry you see is happening in conversion.  This is a wmv file, and Blogger likes it.  It was a wmv. But now it is an mpeg-2 SECAM (no idea what these things mean).  On my computer it looks clearer. I'll keep tinkering, but at least I'm pretty sure (for the moment) that I'm not going to box the camera up and send it back to Amazon.  You Never have this sort of trouble with books!

Edited:  Okay, the new file took much longer to load, but it looks just as blurry.  Maybe worse.  Anyone have any suggestions for me?

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