Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Look at What the UPS Man Brought!

New toys!

I've been putting off buying the science kit that goes with Travis's new science program, Awakening Wonder, but we are down to the last couple Brain lessons so I explained to Ed about science experiments and how hard it is to do them when you are missing that one critical, impossible-to-find item, and he, being the understanding fellow he is, said to go ahead and order the kit.  I haven't gone through the actual stuff in the box yet, but the experiments book that came with it looks really good!
I've been gathering the books that go with the program for months, and now have all but two; one on Albert Einstein and one on Thomas Edison.

The course guide has a 34 week reading and activities schedule, materials list, note pages, lab sheets, periodic table pages, various graphic organizers, etc.  I think Travis is going to enjoy the reading.  Of course, he opened the Thames & Kosmos science experiment book and immediately picked out this project...

You can lead the boy to physics, but you can't make him..... think about particles and gravity and stuff! (okay, I don't know what physicists do.  Maybe they do collide particles at high speeds to make caramels!)

Katie's physics stuff should come soon, so they'll both be able to start their new science next week -- I'm so excited!

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