Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Tubing

Today we went snow tubing with our church's youth group.  Twelve people, six kids and six parents.  It was great!  Of course, we got lost to start with, and got quite a scenic tour of the Blowing Rock/Boone area.  It  is gorgeous, and we took a route that included a very long, twisting residential (with nice residences!) road with spectacular views.  If Ed hadn't been driving the twisting road so fast, trying to meet the other two families at the agreed on time, I could have really enjoyed the drive.  We looked at Sugar Mountain first, but were told that the tubing slopes were better at Hawk's Nest, so we went there.  And the slopes were excellent!

The priest and his wife (have I mentioned how noble they are?) went tubing with the kids, and Ed and I and the other couple stayed in the nice warm sitting room/bar thingy and admired the views.  Ed even bought me a beer to go with my view, so it was quite the occasion!
The kids slid for almost two hours and had a fantastic time.

They can hardly wait to do it again!

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