Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Kind of late to post this, but it's been that sort of day.  And I do sincerely hope you had/are having a day filled with chocolate and love!  Or other nice things, I suppose.  Our priest mentioned in his homily something about hunting the internet for the perfect valentine's gift, so I suppose some people don't think of today as National Chocolate Day.  Anyway...
My mom sent up the Big Box of Valentine Making Stuff this year that I remember from my childhood.  Early enough that the kids got to make cards with it too, because, unlike some people, she is organized.  And here is proof that I let them play with it!  Even the 1970s glitter, which was sprinkled with (fairly) tasteful delicacy on the cards, and slathered lavishly on the table, chairs, and floor.  I had previously not appreciated what a wonderful invention Glitter Glue is -- there is a Nobel worthy invention!

Aside from being more sparkly than usual, things are going on as normal here.  Ed began a spectacularly awful toothache over the weekend.  Well, not really a toothache, as the pain is under a crown where the tooth was removed by root canal.  So he arranged an emergency dentist visit this morning.  The dentist gave him a prescription for an antibiotic and told him he will most likely need Another root canal in that tooth -- how strange is that?-- and that a root canal where the root has already been removed once (doesn't that sound improbable?) requires some sort of fancy dental surgeon.  What fun!  Poor Ed is quite wretched and has spent most of National Chocolate Day in bed.  And because I do love him, I haven't yet eaten his chocolate.

And here, quite unrelated to teeth or chocolate, is Harry, on his High Horse.

and Emma, wearing a mob cap and cape. Katie made them for her (because we're studying the colonial period, don't you know?).

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