Sunday, March 13, 2011


I had forgotten how exhausting small children are.  Now I remember!  Boy, am I tired.
Wednesday night (or, more accurately, Thursday morning) a CPS worker dropped two very unhappy small children off at our house (they had called at 5:30 to check if it would be okay, so I'm not blaming them).  Actually, they are very nice children.  The little girl is nearly two, and the little boy is almost five.  Although they were sick and (understandably) woeful when we got them, they are generally in good spirits and in the past few day have gotten quite a bit less runny.  Of course, with improved health, we have also seen a dramatic increase in their activity level.  A very good thing, and they are no more naughty than one would expect, but watching them and managing the cooking, cleaning, and lesson stuff is more tiring than you might expect.

 Today we took them to church.  They declined the children's Sunday School and sat in on the adult class and were very well behaved.  Unfortunately, they were then quite lively in the pew.  We thought the little bags of crayons, stickers, and puppets that the church provides for the amusement of small children would keep them occupied, but our results were mixed.  They did stay occupied, but sixteen toddler sized crayons being rolled down and tossed off a pew make a surprising lot of noise.  Fortunately we have a patient, kind hearted congregation, and the only comments we heard were nice ones (I'm sure there were comments of the other sort, but since we didn't hear them, I'm not worrying!).  If we still have them next Sunday we will be more thoughtful about the activity supplies (and we will not allow another chocolate coated granola bar in church -- it is a Very good thing the pews are wooden rather than upholstered).

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