Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Keep Swimming!

We're doing okay!  Not getting everything done, by any means, but we're hitting the basics and I think we'll get better as the days go by and we find our new routine.  The kids' case worker came for a visit yesterday (she was on vacation when they were taken into custody), and she seems nice.  Young, and a little frazzled (how's that for the pot calling the kettle black?  the "frazzled" part I mean of course, not the "young"), but nice.  I guess we'll see.  Anyway, there will be a hearing on April 7th where a judge will decide if there was just cause to remove the children from their home.  The DSS workers seem very confident, and I suppose they know their stuff.  The children appear terribly malnourished, and then there is the teeth (or lack of teeth).  And the whole speech thing.  And apparently the older siblings have some other serious issues, but I don't know what exactly.  I hope the judge has all the information and can made the right choice -- we'll just focus on feeding and cuddling the kids while they're with us!

Speaking of feeding, Bo is enjoying that part of being a host dog!

The little boy gets a little rough and we have to keep reminding him not to push on Bo's back or hips (or pull his tail or squeeze his nose...), but the baby is gentle.  They both drop lots of food, and when the food fails to fall completely off the chair, Bo is willing to help it down.  Even Harry has been caught with his front paws on the high chair seat, doing his bit of the house cleaning.  (Emma hides in the basement from the moment the children wake up until after they are in bed at night.  She does not approve.)

And Katie's pack rat tendencies have finally come in handy!  We still have loads of Little People, blocks, baby phones, etc., and I think they have all been hauled downstairs and spread generously around our living areas.  Amazing how much Stuff we have.  One of the treasures is this giant baby doll...

The baby loves it, but she does not want it to close its eyes, which, of course, it does every time it is horizontal.  She hands it to us and indicates that it is to be held upright.  Poor kid.  What with watching a preschooler and toddler, it is all we can do to remain upright ourselves, and every time we are horizontal (and some times when we aren't) our eyes close too.

Travis is warming up to the children a little.  He plays peek-a-boo with K., which she finds amusing.

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