Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Things have been kind of silly around here lately!

We've been going along with school as closely to normal as possible, given the disruption of our two little guests.  Not optimal performance, but not as awful as at first.  And, having attended several school meetings for Speedy, plus one with a "therapy organizer" for Sticky, I am more grateful than ever that we homeschool.  All these educators and social workers are good-hearted and dedicated, and our little foster kids need all the help they can get, but what a time consuming lot of silly rigamarole they go through!

Speedy turned five on the 12th, and Sticky turned two on the 14th.  The candles in a dish of ice cream went over better than the brownie with candles (we let their parents have the glory and mess of cakes), but both were consumed, and my parents gave Speedy a copy of his favorite book and Sticky a stacking toy.

Mostly the kids have been working harder at getting their lessons done in our tighter schedule, but sometimes they sit back, feet on the table, and dawdle.  And one can only say, "Get your feet off the table!" so many times before that red pen comes out.

and, of course, if Travis gets decorated toes, Katie wants them too...

Oh.  And here is a bit of news for which I have no picture.  But the Elkin Tribune, the Winston paper, Fox news, etc. do.  Here is a link.  Ed hit a chicken truck last Monday.  He was coming back across the street after dropping Speedy off at pre-school.  Aside from the chickens there were no injuries.  You can click through the slide show if you are interested.  The reporter showed up after they corralled the wandering, uninjured chickens, which was a shame since they gave a certain charm to an otherwise dismal scene.  It was our anniversary, and it certainly was one of our more memorable ones.

And on to Happy things again...
Travis and Katie loaded plastic eggs with candy for our family egg hunt. (Which was pretty redundant, given that Speedy's and Sticky's parents gave them fully loaded Easter baskets on Thursday, and the Baptist church next door invited the kids to their egg hunt/party on Saturday, and our church had an egg hunt this morning.  But it is Tradition so we did it.)

And then they colored some real eggs.  This picture was taken before not one but Two cups of dye were knocked over. 

And I made a bunny cake...

(I think this is a portrait of me, but I didn't ask...)

And we made it to Easter... Glorious, wonderful Easter!!!  We actually Did take the kids to the service on Friday night, and of course this morning, but I'm sure S & S think we are celebrating National Chocolate Day.  Oh well.  The Good Friday service and today's were beautiful, and I think Travis and Katie are beginning to appreciate what we are really celebrating today.

Happy Easter!

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