Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day, to my beautiful, brilliant, amazing mother!  What can I say?  She is practically perfect.

We had a wonderful service at church today.  The Rev. Patsy McGregor, who, with her husband, visited us about a year ago from Madagascar, gave a talk on how things are going in Madagascar and showed pictures of the sister church our church is building there.  She also preached the sermon, and was excellent.  Very inspirational, and just what I needed.  And, a wonderful woman in our congregation encouraged me to leave Speedy and Sticky with her in the nursery during the service, so we got to listen and participate without distractions.  What a gift!  And Katie did the second lesson Reading and, despite my forgetting to give her the Reading (1st Peter 1:17-23) during the week, so she could practice, she did beautifully!  My good girl.

We had our first week of practice for Much Ado About Nothing last week.  I think it went very well.  The kids mostly know their lines, so it is just a matter of getting them to deliver them properly, where to stand, and so on.  Our director sees that "just a matter" as looming a little larger than I do, and they do have a way to go before they are audience worthy, but I think it will come together.  Soon, we hope!

The parents of our little house guests finally get their day in court tomorrow, the last two court dates having been fully taken up with DSS presenting all their evidence.  Despite a rather spectacular behavioral "fail" yesterday (Speedy, age 5, relieved his bladder in the corner of the living room, behind my recliner) they have generally been much nicer to have around lately than they were when they arrived.  And both of their speech abilities have improved quite a bit.  Fortunately, though, the judge will take a larger view of the matter than I can, having all the evidence and all, and I hope he will make a good decision regarding the disposition of the children.  The social worker has dismissed with "We've tried that," all of our helpful ideas for getting the parents to remember to feed, wash, housebreak, and otherwise nurture their children, but perhaps the judge will think of something clever.  Who knows.  Anyway, prayers for the judge's wise decision would be appreciated!

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