Saturday, April 02, 2011


April?  But.....

We're still hosting two little foster children.  All things considered, they are really pretty good, but there is a lot to consider and they are very high maintenance.  Also very affectionate and sweet, though, which helps. 

 (The "four wheeler" hasn't had a working battery since Katie was little, but J. is obsessed with it anyway.  That and the lawn mower.)

(Harry finds K. slightly more tolerable when she is contained in the book cart.)

(After several years of wishing and a long time of saving allowances and gifts, Katie bought herself an American Girl doll.  She couldn't be more delighted with her, and I am so happy that at nine, she still loves playing with dolls!)

 (K. beat the cats to the box!)
(They are twins!)

My parents left Thursday morning, after a week long visit.  Our weather was only minimally superior to that they'd left in Maine, which was disappointing, but we had a good time anyway. 
We had one nice day for a hike and went to Stone Mountain.

And we had a lot of cold, rainy days, suitable for game playing and chit chat.  Our young guests found my parents marvelously entertaining and keep asking when they will be back!
They are intense Pictionary players.

Travis and Katie were resoundingly trounced, but did manage some funny pictures!

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