Sunday, May 29, 2011

What Doesn't Kill Us...

and all that.
Actually, we've been doing okay.  Speedy and Sticky are still with us, and there doesn't seem to be much prospect of imminent reunification, but mostly they have settled into a routine of sorts.  Sticky had her oral surgery this past Friday -- one tooth (a front one) pulled and six root canals.  The porcelain fronts they put on the caps are very white and very large.  Pretty awful looking, to be honest.  Not much of an improvement, aesthetically speaking, over her pitiful little decayed teeth, but I'm sure much healthier.  Anyway, aside from a little fussiness Friday, she has been quite cheerful about the whole thing (of course, she hasn't looked in a mirror!) Travis and Katie had their performance of Much Ado About Nothing on the 19th, and they were pretty wonderful (if I do say so myself!).  Travis is supposedly making me a video to post, but for now all I have is cat pictures.   Lots and lots of Cat Pictures!

 Sorry, Daddy!  I don't know what came over me.

In other news, Travis has grown a mustache...

It took several weeks, out of respect for our delicate well, but our pool is full and ready for action!  The kids got in for the first time yesterday.  Speedy has been asking many, many times every day, ever since we started filling the pool, When he would be able to swim.  So, oddly enough, we thought he Wanted to swim.  And he sort of did.  Until he touched the water.  At which point he started screaming, not stopping until he was out of the pool.


(Here you see him holding Katie with a death grip.)

The really funny thing was that, after the kids were dried off and back in the house, Speedy started talking animatedly about how much he Loved the pool, and asking eagerly when he'd be able to "swim" again.  At church today, and during lunch and before his nap he talked about how much he loved swimming.  This afternoon, though, when told that he could finally swim again, he burst into tears. 

Speaking of tears, I'm feeling a bit tearful myself.  Katie left Travis's bike across the street at the park last night, and Katie and Ed went over a few minutes ago to see if it was still there.  It was, thank goodness, but so was/is Speedy and Sticky's mother.  Supposedly watching a baseball game, but she saw Ed and he said "hi" to her and she told him that she had been watching Speedy follow him around the house.  I'm sure she's perfectly nice and all (child neglect aside), but it makes me uncomfortable to know she is watching us.

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