Sunday, June 05, 2011

Church Picnic

Our church had its annual picnic-at-the-farm today, and it was a gorgeous day for it!  The farm (I'm told that there are cows and horses somewhere, tucked tidily away out of sight) is lovely, with fabulous views and beautiful gardens.  And the house is lovely too -- just what I would build if I had mountains of money and a sense of style.  I can't imagine hostessing on such a scale, but the owner, a very sweet woman who used to lead our Bible study class, is a brave and generous woman!

Here you see Ed and Sticky in front of the temporary altar, after the service.Past those people behind the tables is where the band (fiddles, banjos, etc.) was playing.  (Being Episcopalians, we don't normally have a band, but it's permissible, even preferable, for picnics!)  Doesn't that look like a nice place for a church service?

It was pretty warm, but the priest kept his homily short and no one except Sticky complained.  The food was excellent and plentiful, and there were games, activities, and a hay ride for the kids.

Poor little Speedy adores tractors and loved the idea of a hayride, but when it came to actually sitting in the tractor he got scared and bailed out.  Afterwards he was sorry, and he says "next time" he'll do it.  Aside from that, though, everyone had a great day.

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