Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rainy Day

Our new roof is Still not waterproof.  And the company to whom we paid top dollar for a Really Good roof has changed their name and denies all responsibility.  A week and a half ago, on the 8th, we had a very heavy rain and the water came pouring in down the wall behind my school room bookcases.  The kids' history books suffered the most damage.  I spent the next week blow drying books.  They are all still usable, although I'm afraid they no longer have any resale value. Still, it could have been much worse.  My second favorite study Bible is now about four times thicker than it was originally, which is saying something, but even that is still readable.  But we can't get the roof to stop leaking, the ceiling is buckling, and all my lovely bookcases are sitting empty.  Actually, we haven't had a hard rain since the last time Ed put sealant in some possible leaky spots, so maybe we've got it this time.  I hope so!

Aside from the leaks, last week was terrific, though!  Speedy and Sticky started daycare, which was marvelously restful for us and highly entertaining for them.  And both of the churches where our kids have done Vacation Bible School in the past had VBS last week.  Travis and Katie alternated between the Baptists-Next-Door and the Baptists-Down-the-Road where a homeschooling friend runs the VBS program.  Speedy and Sticky stuck with the Baptists-Next-Door, where they were welcomed with open arms and treated with special kindness.  They always have a firetruck-ride-around-the-community on their opening night, and the adults and children alike tried their best to encourage Speedy to ride.  He didn't want to ride on the back with the other kids, so they invited him to ride in the cab and honk the horn.  He wanted to ride, but he no sooner sat in the cab than he started screaming in terror.  Poor kid.  It was the hay ride all over again.  He says he will ride the fire truck Next Time.
Oh, and my camera has died.  I think it means it this time.  Ed says he can fix it, and I think I might as well let him try!

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