Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Precious!!!

Okay... "Precious" might be overstating the case (although my family does seem to become invisible when I turn it on!), and it isn't actually mine (I promised the kids that I would share), but I am Really enjoying our new Kindle!  After several years of being tempted but being unable to justify such an extravagance when I also had a long and irrefutable list of reasons why I Didn't need an e-reader (not to mention the tall and irrefutable stacks of real books around the house, just waiting to be read), I found an offer too tempting to refuse!  Amazon offered $100 discount with a year long subscription to  And I have one of those! (I started it with a trial membership at the beginning of the year, intending to give it up after a couple months, but with the arrival of our foster kids audio books have become a practical necessity for me.)  And that meant that I could have a Kindle for $14 (shipping included!)!  Clearly it was destiny!

Ed has ordered me a clip on light for my new toy, so I might even be able to read in bed without waking him.  And this afternoon I was reading my paper copy of Cross Creek on the deck while watching the kids in the pool when it started to sprinkle.  At first I thought, "What a good thing I'm not reading on my Kindle -- a little rain won't hurt a Real book."  And then it rained a bit more and I noticed that my pages were starting to get rather soggy (and I have had enough of soggy pages to last me a Lifetime!).  So I went inside, put my Kindle in a ziplock, and happily read ghost stories in the rain!

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