Thursday, August 25, 2011

And There Was Much Rejoicing!!!

I did my first "video conference" class for Lost Tools of Writing this afternoon, and it was Awful.  We've been having a Very hard time finding a video conference service where the students and I (and there are only four students, so it shouldn't be That hard) can all see and hear each other. Simultaneously, that is. We tried Google+ group chat, WizIQ, and Skype.  Skype seemed the least bad, and for one brief moment we had everyone's cameras and audio working, so I paid for a year of video conferencing.  Only now I suspect that that one moment was a fluke.  Also, it turns out that the clever feature that allows me to show the kids my desktop (say, a Word or PDF document) doesn't work in video conference mode.  Sigh.  So I e-mailed documents and talked to the kids individually on the computer or phone, and they all Do know what they need to have ready for Monday.  Fortunately, it was a Very easy lesson.  But they won't All be so easy, and I don't know How I'm going to manage.  I know it isn't important in the Greater Scheme of Things, but it is very bothersome to me.

However, we received such utterly Lovely news this afternoon that I cannot Possibly be in the dumps, no matter how uncooperative my Skype video service may be.  While I was struggling with my class, our foster children's social worker called to tell us that the Very Appropriate aunt and uncle have overcome their doubts and are so eager to have full time care of Speedy and Sticky that social services has moved the transfer date up to Labor Day weekend!  The relatives seem like very kind hearted, sympathetic people, and the children can hardly help being better off with family, who will have a better chance of understanding and coping with their peculiar behaviors than we do.  They have made really significant progress in their health, speech, and behavior during their time with us, but we are Very ready for them to go off and make progress with other people now!

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KathyJo said...

That stinks about Skype. I hate it when something works right up until I pay for it.

But that's wonderful news for the kiddos! I believe that they've been blessed to have you as foster parents, but it's good that they've got family for a more permanent solution.