Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Home Stretch!

Speedy and Sticky visited their aunt and uncle most of the weekend, and we played!  It was so blissful to come down Saturday and Sunday mornings and not be Pounced On.

Sunday we had the Dedication of the Labyrinth at church.  The kids and youth leaders have been working on building this labyrinth for the last couple months, and it actually came out very pretty.  The pattern is defined by rocks (there are lots of those in the area) in a clearing under some trees, and there are little garden areas around it.  To be honest, I thought the idea was kind of new agey and dopey when I first heard it, but during the dedication ceremony I could finally appreciate how it could put one in a more spiritual mood.  And after church the "youth" (all the kids who come to church regularly, which isn't very many.) met at the Very lovely home of one of our members for a pool party!

We ate delicious food, drank wine, and admired the beautiful gardens (their roses are spectacular, but they did have a little bit of the virus which devoured my bushes).  The kids swam the entire time, except when they were eating.  They had a fantastic time.  The priest's son fell on the concrete and bled profusely from a head wound, but fortunately our host is a retired physician, so he had fancy surgical Super Glue and patched him right up again. (A homeschool mom friend says she routinely uses regular Super Glue and it works fine too.)  It was a perfect afternoon.

And then we came home and Speedy and Sticky returned.  Sigh.  They seem to have dedicated themselves to insuring that we will Really appreciate our return to our old "normal" when they leave on Friday afternoon. Really they needn't bother, but they are generous like that.  They are playing "tag team" awful -- Speedy was unspeakable on Sunday evening, then Sticky took her turn, and so on.  But we grit our teeth and smile and pretend that we Are endlessly patient.  And I admire Ed, whose performance leaves mine in the dust.  I married a saint.

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