Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Shifting Gears

or trying to!

We're still feeling like summer, but trying (some of us harder than others) to get back into School Mode.  It's hard.  We've kept up doing some school all summer, but all of it in a pretty casual "well, I guess we can get to it tomorrow" sort of way.  So, while we still know where to find our books and pencils (under that stack of towels and magazines), our work habits have gotten even slacker than usual.  I'm afraid the transition is going to be painful!

On a happier note, the kids had their dental checkups today and both got "A's!"  Or, at least, once the poor hygienists scraped through the plaque, the dentist found no cavities.  That was nice.  And they are nearly done with their second week of swimming lessons (third and Last year they will be taking lessons) and Travis has received praise for his back stroke, and Katie has finally gotten the idea of the American crawl (also know as freestyle, in case you were confused).  Well, except that she comes to a dead stop and pops up to breathe.  But we can work on that.  Really the only reason we had them take lessons this year was out of pity for the lifeguards, who always tense up and occasionally comment when watching my darlings' unconventional, flailing dog-paddle technique. It's gotten them where they wanted to go, but not with Elegance.  Now, we hope, they will be able to swim in such a way as not to draw the attention and concern of lifeguards and other helpful sorts.

Can you believe how Tall my little Travis has grown?  Even without the banana suit (a movie prop -- he doesn't normally wear it) he is taller now than I am.  Sniff....  Oh, and we have heard a rumor that our little foster guests may have suitable relatives who would like to take them in!  Wouldn't that be lovely?

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KathyJo said...

Jared is just barely taller than me now, but he understands that I'm still meaner. :-D Hoping your guests can be in a suitable, more permanent situation soon.