Saturday, August 06, 2011

Better Late...

than never!  We finally got around to a party for Travis's birthday!  A month late, but who's counting?  (Travis was, actually.)
After a week of hot, dry weather, any day of which would have been perfect for playing around at Widow Falls, Friday (party day) dawned overcast, with a rainy forecast (Why didn't I check the forecast?  Don't know!).  We decided to hope the weather would improve and went on with our plans...

 Our friends, loyal souls that they are, all showed up despite the clouds.  Travis got lovely gifts -- hair straightener (from a mom who knows hair and knows Travis, and chose the gift over the protests of her children.  She knew Travis would think it was a great gift, and she was right!), sour candies (only as a present would he be allowed to have these!), and, always delightful, money.  A month after the actual fact, Travis didn't really expect presents, and he was Very pleased!

The sandwiches, chips, and cakes were well received, and we -- kids, moms, and Ed -- all had a nice time.

Then we decided to go over to the falls...

where the rain began in earnest.

Max, the boxer, looked as woeful as a dog can look, huddled up with his mistress under her umbrella. His good dog loyalty, he says, does not extend to friends of the family, and he wanted to go home.  We stayed long enough for the kids to slide down the rocks a few times, and Travis and some of his friends jumped off the half-way point on the falls, but eventually we all decided Max was right and packed up and went home.  Mention was made of meeting up there again next week, in nicer weather.  We'll see.  At any rate, the kids had a good time, and Travis got his long awaited party!

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