Friday, September 16, 2011

That Time of Year!

I Love fall!!! And last night it was "open the windows and burrow under the blankets" weather, and this morning is deliciously cool.  I'm wearing fuzzy socks and feeling domestic.  Yesterday the kids and I went to Walmart and did the Big Monthly food shopping.  It was more fun than it has been for many months.  No chicken nuggets, no hot dogs, no catering to pickiness that I didn't nurture myself.  This month's menu includes chicken stew and chili -- meals that a person would eat after she had spent the afternoon raking crisp, bright leaves or hiking in the woods (never mind that she will more likely have spent the afternoon trying to drum Fractions, Algebra, and Latin into her children's very stubborn heads!).

We just painted the entry "hall."
 Doesn't that just say Fall?  I LOVE it.  The light isn't new (it was one of Ed's amazing bargain finds, though!), but it goes so nicely with the paint.  The color is actually called "marigold," so it will be a good summer color as well.  The entry is tiny, so it's not a lot of color, but every time I see it it makes me feel warm and happy!


KathyJo said...

I like. I'm a big fan of warm colors, and after I've painted a room, I can often be found just sitting in it and enjoying.

Melora said...

Thanks! It's not a space we ever really use (we don't ever open the front door, except when strangers knock because they don't know better), but now I'm tempted to pull in a chair -- it just feels warm and happy!