Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Blinked

and the week was gone.

For some reason, this week just flew by.  Travis had an orthodontist appointment (the braces are supposed to come off next month -- how exciting is that!), which ate up a lot of one day, and we spent Thursday afternoon at the library, helping set up for the book sale, but aside from that it was a normal week.  But it seemed Very lacking in hours, somehow.  What there Was was good, though.

We diagrammed sentences, read some history, wrote some papers, learned a little Latin, and so on.  The usual.   Travis's science experiment involved setting up a pendulum (demonstrating frequency, resonance, etc.), and it was pretty funny to watch. His weights were rubber balls, hanging by yarn and suspended between a couple of kitchen chairs.  The balls kept getting loose, and when they didn't get loose the yarn got tangled.  Thank goodness we have YouTube, to show us how all these experiments are supposed to work, in the hands of the Scientifically Competent, but we have fun, anyway!

Ed got me a present this week -- something I have long coveted but haven't been willing to pay full price for...
a Desk Apprentice.  Our "local" store had it marked down dramatically from the regular price, and, given the chaos of our school table...  Well, anyway, Now we are organized!
The kids had as much fun as I did loading it up with supplies, flashcards, Latin grammar charts, teacher guides, etc.  And. Lord willing, I will Never again hear, "I can't find a pencil!"

I baked this cake
and it is delicious!  It is one of those cakes that start with a mix and you add pudding mix, sour cream, chocolate chips, etc.  Just the thing with a nice cup of coffee when one is feeling a bit low in the afternoon!

Oh!  And I've been So excited about starting on this...
It is a program called Discovering Music and it teaches music history.  It finally arrived on Thursday, and we will be adding it to the schedule starting next week, and I think the kids (and I) are going to Love it!

And, speaking of Watching, we watched this 2007 version of Jane Austen's Persuasion last night. I've seen Persuasion before, but I don't think I've seen this one.  It was the movie Tapestry recommended for this week, and Katie and I enjoyed it very much, but I did wonder about the ending.  If the Elliot property is entailed so that it will pass to the male heir (William Elliot), how could Captain Wentworth buy it for Anne as a wedding present?  I am skeptical, but I guess I can just read the book for myself (and, from a dramatic point of view, I do agree that it was very satisfactory for Anne and Captain Wentworth to end up with the place, rather than any of Anne's dreadful family!).

We went to the Pumpkin Festival in Elkin today.
the tag says this is the State Record Watermelon

Isn't that the most pathetic looking excuse for a giant pumpkin you've ever seen?  They All looked like that -- deflated balloons.

The kids ate "fair food."  Teriaki chicken and ice cream.
It wasn't really dazzling, but at least it didn't rain, and it Was nice to just wander around together.  The giant pumpkins were not what they've been in other years, but some friends of ours were playing bluegrass music and that was fun.  It was a fine end to a fine week!

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Chucki said...

Well, it might have gone by fast (mine did too) but at least you seem to have been productive.