Saturday, November 12, 2011

Heavens! It's November!

We spent the last full week of October here...
We've been wanting to go for ages, and we had a Marvelous time!
We spent two days at the theme parks -- one at the Magic Kingdom and one at Animal Kingdom -- and went down to Vero Beach one afternoon to visit Ed's dad and brother. Travis barely remembered Disney, and of course Katie was only a baby when she went, and I think they were Just the right ages for this trip.  They enjoyed Everything, and were able to go on the roller coasters without us.  Travis left his moodiness at home, and we really had an Absolutely Perfect five days together.

 They loved the peg-jumping game at IHOP (and the Breakfast!).

 When we went a long time ago, Buzz Lightyear was Travis's Favorite ride.  He still likes it!
 Space Mountain.  I've never been on it, and Ed and Travis say they don't feel like they'll try it again.

 Katie wanted to go on Dumbo, and Travis was willing to go with her.  My good boy!

 Dole Whip!  I remembered right where this was sold and have been looking forward to having one again.

 I rode the race car with Katie.  She is a Terrible driver.

 Dumbo Dinosaurs -- who could resist?
 The kids and I enjoyed the dinosaur ride.  Ed didn't.

 The safari was neat!

 And there was much silliness!

 I don't think these toads know that they live in The Happiest Place on Earth.

You can't really see it in the picture, but this tree is the "centerpiece" of Animal Kingdom and has animals carved all over the trunk.  It really is neat!

 The kids Loved Expedition Everest!  I had thought I might ride it with them, but then I changed my mind.  I was So Glad they could and Would ride it without me!

After Disney, we visited my Favorite Grocery Store.  I miss Publix!

We got a good deal on a hotel through some thing on Expedia where you book a "mystery hotel" (they Do give you a list of amenities and an approximate location).  It turned out to be a Radisson, and the kids really enjoyed the fancy pool and the game room!  We got to talking with the fellow who owned the game room machines, and he let Ed and the kids "test" the equipment for him.
 (Ed demonstrating his pinball skills)

There were very few people at the hotel, and the pool was, for the most part, all ours!  The end of October seemed to be the Perfect time for Disney -- hardly any lines at all, and delightful weather.

Friday we went down to Vero and visited with Ed's dad and brother. We ordered pizza (a novelty for our kids, since in North Carolina we live outside the pizza delivery zone!) and had a nice afternoon/evening.

We had to get up at 4:00 in the morning to catch our 7:00 am flight on Saturday.  Only the ticket agent printed  our tickets wrong and we missed the flight anyway, so we caught the 8:30.  Ed made up his sleep on the plane!  It was a great trip!

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