Monday, November 21, 2011

Halloween, Christmas, etc.

Okay.  If I wait to post much longer I'll be posting Easter pictures along with the ones from Halloween.  And even I can see that that's a little slacker-ish!  But....  Well, no more excuses.  Just a firm resolution to Do Better in the Future.  I love my little blog, and it is so Nice to have a record of all the things I forget so quickly!

Did I mention that the kids carved their own pumpkins this year?  Katie did all the knife work -- everything, actually, -- herself?  They both still have the expected number of fingers, too!

And, the Big News, my parents have finally moved in, just around the corner!  I haven't lived near my parents in twenty years, and I am So Happy!  They stayed with us for the first two weeks in November, although, since they left each day at dawn and worked on their "new" house until dinner time, it hardly seemed like a visit, and they moved into their house on the 16th.  And last night we had them over for Sunday dinner!  I think they enjoy being able to enjoy us in moderate doses!

Their house is a little less than a mile away -- a pleasant walk!

And a silly picture...

Yesterday our church had its Advent wreath making activity.  Once again I have two Lovely wreaths (dropping needles all over, but we'll pretend not to notice that!).

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