Monday, January 09, 2012

Good Times!

After a nice long holiday break, our home school co-op met again today!  Much as we enjoyed not doing school, it was great to see our friends again.  
Week 19 of Tapestry of Grace, which we studied last week and discussed in class today, was mainly focused on China and Japan (also Commodore Perry and Millard Fillmore). In honor of the Asian focus, one of our wonderful moms made stir fry for the whole group!  It was delicious, and I found a new food I like -- edamame (soybeans)!  Gosh they were good! Briefly I even thought that Travis and Katie liked this new delicious, nutritious food, but it turned out that they just ate the chicken and rice.  Oh well.

 We had a couple birthday girls to celebrate today, so stir fry was followed by cupcakes & brownies!

Here is Travis as a demure Japanese maiden.  Yikes!

And Katie -- awwww! (actually, this picture makes me think of the scene in The Christmas Story, where Ralphie's little brother Randy is bundled up in so many coats he can't put his arms down.  But Katie is just showing off her flowing sleeves!)


Dy said...

Oh, fun! I do wish we could find a co-op here that was as interesting and varied as yours. You always have such fun and interesting things going on!

Melora said...

You and your kids would be Such great co-op members! I wish we lived closer together, but as it is, I hope you Do find a fun group to join!

Anonymous said...
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