Friday, January 06, 2012

Must... Find........Our Groove!

Ouch.  We only took one full week off, but the "almost off" weeks before and after our break added up, and this week, when we Really needed to get back to school For Real, it was Hard.  Well, for most of us...

Emma is very pleased to have Her People seated around The Table again.

 As if math isn't bad enough (actually, sometimes I enjoy it.  But Not the week we start back after a too-long break!), try grading math with a fat cat sitting on your answer key. You'd look grim too (though possibly not as dismal as I do in this very lovely picture -- thank you, Katie!).
 Even she has forgotten, though, that we do Not bring toys to the school table.

Today was gorgeous and we knocked off early and went for a walk.

(Here Katie is doing the Wolf Rock howl!)
my parents don't howl. Fuddy duddies! (not really. About the Fuddy duddy thing. They really don't howl, even when I showed them what fun it is!)

These icicles made awesome swords!

So we didn't get it all done, but the first week of 2012 was okay!

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