Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Fine Day

Today was good. Really good. If they were all like this..... well, that sure would be nice, eh?

I spent my early morning entering assignments for the kids in HST, but I finished in time and the kids came down and ate their breakfasts without a fuss. And then we started school in our unusually neat (for us, you understand) school room.

That is my desk, and Travis's behind it, with hardly any clutter (relatively speaking).  Lately it has been buried under stacks of books and papers due to a lack of shelf space (or I suppose you might say, to a surplus of books, but I wouldn't), and yesterday I finally got a new shelf!  Isn't it spiffy? It is the one right by my chair, so that my most used stuff is easy to grab but Not stacked on my desk! Of course, the top of the shelf is covered in mouse traps, so as to discourage the cats, which does slightly diminish the elegance of the set-up, but you can't have everything.

In our newly orderly workspace, my kids did their assignments quickly and without complaint. It was miraculous! It is possible that my new bookshelf has magical powers, or aliens abducted my children and left well-behaved alien children in disguise, but whatever the reason, today was great!

Here are some of the some of the books we are reading this week...

Katie absolutely loves the Thomas Edison biography (not the suggested title, but the one I already owned) and also Around the World in 80 Days (abridged). Travis is especially happy with Otto Von Bismarck and also with Jim Murphy's The Great Fire. And I love Robert Browning, so we are all happy! (And I'm planning to read the Alexander Graham Bell biography myself, since I think it looks really interesting.). I meant to plug in a Louis Pasteur biography this week but I forgot.

I haven't actually checked either of the kids' Latin workbooks today, but I don't want to ruin my happy glow so am saving them for tomorrow morning. For tonight I am a happy, happy woman with perfect children!

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