Monday, May 07, 2012

Last Co-op of the School Year

Happy/sad day. On the one hand, I've been feeling very ready for a change of pace. But on the other, I love our little co-op. You just couldn't ask for a nicer, harder working group of moms and kids. (Well, the moms are hard working. With the kids.... well, a bit more of a mixed bag. But, anyway, I like them!) We have two weeks left of Tapestry Yr 3, and eight more lessons in First Form Latin, but we'd planned on 34 weeks, so the remaining weeks will be finished at our leisure over the summer. But when we start up again, late in August, we'll be an even smaller co-op -- two of our five families are off to try new things. They are leaving on good terms, which is great, and for very sound reasons, but I'll still miss them. Sniff!

Today was fun, though!

Here is Travis, reading his Doctor Jekyll paper. It was a good paper, but his presentation skills still need work. Must remember to keep making them practice their speaking skills!

And the big History Timeline Card tournament! Girls vs Boys. The older kids (the boys, except for the one poor boy in the younger group!) haven't practiced the cards in two years, but the girls were heavily handicapped and I think it was a tie. Nice review, anyway, and they all had fun!

And there was food!
In honor of our history studies this year, we had Africa...

the American Civil War...

and trifle (so very Victorian, don't you think?)...

Also pizza rolls and chocolate chip cookies, which I'm sure did somehow relate to something we studied, but I haven't quite figured out how!

The younger kids presented their photo story books. They all featured family vacations. Katie's was of our trip to Disney World, and she was very pleased with its reception!

After co-op we went to piano for the next-to-last lesson before recital day! Katie is so nervous! So we may slack on some stuff this week, but piano practice will be going strong!

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