Thursday, May 10, 2012

Taking it Easy!

It has been a pretty restful week so far! With no co-op to prepare for on Monday, I haven't worried about whether the kids will be Prepared to Discuss. Actually, we've kept up with the planned reading, except for the stuff about Hawaii. We read one chapter on the history of Hawaii, but the books I'd planned to borrow from the library turned out to be not available (someone liked them so much they never brought them back). No problem. I found a couple videos on Netflix that will cover the same subject. But it hasn't been a tv week. Maybe Friday? On the subject of colonizing places that already have residents, though, we recently started reading aloud a pretty funny book called.The True Meaning of Smekday. It is not Freddy the Pig (the next installment of which, Freddy and the Men from Mars, is on its way to us, purchased jointly for $4 by the kids, who are that eager for another one!) but it is about an alien race conquering ("discovering" they claim) earth and sending the indigenous peoples (us) to reservations. The kids recognize plenty of references to treatment of native Americans we've read about this past school year.

The Fun New Activity we started this week, in honor of co-op being over an all, is Test Prep! Each child has a shiny new Test Prep book to spend some time with every day. They love filling in those little bubbles and reading the little stories and answering silly questions. I figure we'll test sometime early next month, which will make the state and my eccentric kiddos happy!

And I've been working on my Latin. Boy, have I gotten rusty. Actually, it's not like I ever made a lot of progress, but what I had made is Gone. Travis is on track to start Third Form (again) in late August, and I need to be ready to help him this time. Or, at least have an idea of what he's talking about when he asks for help.

Speaking of Travis, have I mentioned how clever that boy is? Yesterday his computer Died. It said this...
which apparently is a computer going belly up.
But he fixed it!
He "found a recovery iso and wrote it to a disk." (like I know what that means) And he made the dead computer come back to life!

Amazing what he can do when motivated!

And speaking of motivated...

Have you ever seen such slothful looking beasts? They always plant themselves right near us, so we can really appreciate what slugs they are.

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