Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The kids had their recital on Monday evening. They played more slowly and hesitantly than usual, but given that they were playing on a "strange" piano and in front of an audience (Travis hasn't had a recital since we left Florida, and this was Katie's first!), I thought they did just fine. Not only was this recital in a church with nicely padded pews, but there were only eight students playing! Two were ours, and two others are the children of friends, so we have more than the usual interest in their accomplishments! I remember recitals as being sometimes painfully overlong, but this one was absolutely perfect. The kids were delighted with the boxes of chocolates which Ed got for them in lieu of flowers, and Katie is already planning what she might play and what she would like as a "congratulations" gift next year. She had been nervous, but now she has a very positive view of recitals!

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