Saturday, May 19, 2012


It's been a mixed sort of week. Bo's death was sad, though not unexpected. He was with us for many, many years, and I keep being surprised that he's not around, wanting a pat or demanding to go in or out. But other things this week have been very nice...

Thursday afternoon we spent playing at a friend's house. It was relaxing and fun, and a nice way to "inaugurate" summer. Actually, we're still doing school, but, aside from a couple read-alouds I added in, we did finish history this week! Latin, math, and some other things will continue through the summer (but I've scheduled three weeks of No School, because I am Incredibly Indulgent and Kind, and also I need a break!). Today I put together a nine-week schedule for The Elegant Essay, the writing program Travis will be completing this summer. He is so excited. And I've been working hard on my Latin. Classical Academic Press is temporarily offering four hours of their Latin for Teachers program for free, and I watched them and took notes. I'm determined to be ready to help Travis keep up with Travis when he starts Third Form (again) this fall.

Katie loved The Importance of Being Earnest so much that she insisted I read it (actually I listened to it, which was even better) too, so that we could laugh over the funniness together. I'd meant to read it, but then I started Crime and Punishment and almost didn't find time. I'm glad I did, though! The Importance of Being Earnest is much more fun! (Crime and Punishment is kind of depressing. Who'd have thought?) Travis is reading it too (Earnest, not C&P), but he hardly ever raves about books. Oddball.
Tonight we watched The Importance of Being Earnest. Even Ed enjoyed it, even though there was not a single car chase. I thought Gwendolyn (Joan Greenwood) might be the same actress who played Lady Catherine in the1980 Pride and Prejudice, but she wasn't. Anyway, we enjoyed it!


Jennifer said...

Looks like you all had a good time. We finished history, too. A great feeling, isn't it?

Melora said...

Yes! I love it, but I feel all "historied out" at this point!