Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Lovely Sunday!

Our church had its yearly "picnic" service at the beautiful home of a particularly hospitable member today. The altar and chairs were set up on the stretch of lawn you can see above. The view in all directions was gorgeous, as were the gardens. The woman whose farm it is also has cows, horses, sheep, etc., and how she finds time to care for all that (as well as preparing and leading Bible study classes for the church) is beyond me. I can't even keep up with the laundry. But we won't go there!
The service and the music were lovely. And, afterwards, the food was superb!

And then the kids got roped into a game of "baseball." (Organized by the priest, who was also the pitcher. They'd have said "no thanks" to anyone else!)

 (look closely on the left -- Travis is Running!)

Ed and I had a good time watching them, anyway! And now they know something about baseball. Not Much, but something!

We went home and puttered for a few hours. Then, just when our "lunch" had settled, it was time to go next door and have supper with the Baptists, who kicked off their Vacation Bible School with hot dogs and ice cream sundaes!

It was a lovely day.

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