Saturday, June 23, 2012

Puffed Sleeves!

Well, not Really "puffed sleeves." But if you remember how Anne of Green Gables longed for a dress with puffed sleeves you'll understand the way Katie felt about getting her ears pierced!  Actually, she's been playing with the idea for a long time, as something she wanted "someday," but it wasn't until this past week, when both Sarah, in All-of-a-Kind Family Downtown, and Rose, in Eight Cousins, got their ears pierced that Katie decided the Time Had Come. And, not being remotely like Marilla Cuthbert (to my sorrow and probably to my children's detriment), I immediately called a friend, got the name of a reputable establishment, and made arrangements. All the while reminding Katie that she could Change Her Mind anytime!

She was nervous but eager. Here she is in the car, just before we walked into the jewelry shop.

It is a family business, and they were just as friendly and kind as could be. You'll notice Katie has a Very tight grip on that stool!

 They marked the spots carefully (measuring with rulers), and they pierced both ears at the same time. It really was beautifully done! (but her expression makes me think of Charles I at his execution, or at least Alec Guinness's version of it)

She said it hurt but she didn't want to show it. Good girl!

By the time we got back into the car she was feeling pretty cheerful, and by the time we got home she was glowing with happiness! 
 I think she picked lovely, dainty little earrings.
She can hardly wait to go to church tomorrow and show off her glamorous new look!


susanB said...

I still remember getting my ears pierced. Your mom had also given me a pretty pair of dainty earrings I absolutely adored.
Also, I LOVE the book "All of a Kind Family" and you inspired me to read it again, for old times sake.

Melora said...

Earrings are fun -- Katie is already thinking about what she will want to wear for different occasions! Fortunately I have a few pairs of cute little earrings to pass along to her!
The All-of-a-Kind Family series is excellent. Ed is going to pick up Ella of All-of-a-Kind Family from the library on his way home from the dentist today, and Katie is so eager to find out if Ella gets married!