Sunday, July 22, 2012

Missing My Boy!

We dropped Travis off at camp today. He'll be gone for a week, and I already miss him So much. But it's his fourth year, and I know he will have a great time and come home grubby and full of funny stories. So I'll try to focus on that...... sniff!

Here we are giving him his good-bye hugs. Ed didn't let me linger and fuss at All, although we did put the sheets on his bed. I think Katie is looking a little woeful because she decided, after the deadline, that she would have liked to go to camp this year. She says she will next year, but Ed says he's not sure he's ready for his little girl to be gone so long!

 Here is his cabin.
 And as we were pulling out of the parking lot (we spent a while there because Ed was trying to fix the "flat tire" light that came on in the dashboard), Travis and his cabin mates walked by on their way to the lake! Ed lost all the "good dad" credit he'd earned in hustling me away so quickly by waving enthusiastically and calling out "Bye, son!" Oh the embarrassment of having parents!  Poor Travis!

It is a seven hour (round trip) drive, but the good part of that is I got to listen to a lot of The Proud Tower, by Barbara Tuchman. It is really good, and follows nicely after The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris, by, David McCullough, which was my last audio book. The sections on the Dreyfus Affair and on the world peace movement were particularly interesting, though now I am in a section on Strauss, who is a little dull. Depending on how the week goes, I may still be finishing The Proud Tower when we go to pick Travis up, on Saturday, or I may have started on the next on my list: The Disappearing Spoon: and Other True Tales of Madness, Love, and the History of the World from the Periodic Table of the Elements. I think that looks like fun, and it will be a nice break from war before I start The Guns of August.

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