Thursday, July 26, 2012

1,000th Blog Post

Pulling my head out of the paper bag in which I've been hyperventilating and hiding from lesson planning long enough to write my 1, 000th blog post!
When I posted on Sunday I noticed that the next post would be number 1,000 and thought, "I'll try to make it special!" Which, as I realized after several days of thinking about posting something and then not posting because it wasn't "special," would mean ending the blog at post #999. And, darn it all, I like my blog! So, "special" is tossed to the wind and number 1,000 is just as trivial as all the posts that came before. Which is, after all, probably appropriate.

Still, in honor of the occasion, here is a brief "then and now."

In December 2005, when I started blogging, we lived here...

and looked like this...

 (sweet little hobbit baby!)

 (Travis and a friend being fearsome warriors, ready to leap into action!)

  (one of the awesome things about Florida -- splashing in the water in December!)
 (Do you like my hat? I do! I do like your hat!)

(my little angel in the church pageant)

 (Travis was wild about Link. Drawing Link, dressing up as Link, etc.)

 (Dressed as Link. We are watching LoTR, and I think Frodo looks much like Travis at seven. Except, of course, not as cute!)

Almost seven years later,
we are here...
(The house picture is a bit of a cheat, as it is several years old and the roses have since gotten a horrible virus and are no longer pretty. But I don't feel like going out and taking a more current picture. Just imagine the roses as mutated and hideous and you have it.)

And we are bigger (at least, some of us) and, sadly, a little less adorable. But it would be shallow to dwell on  that, and, after all, the kids are supposed to get bigger and more mature. Probably even more argumentative and opinionated, although that aspect of it is rather inconvenient. They are still pretty cute, and are often thoughtful and engaging, which is nice. Ed and I are grayer and creakier, but still pretty jolly!

So that's it!  1,000 blog posts. Phew!
Now I can get back to lesson planning! Back in December 2005 I was very worried about how I would manage to homeschool the kids while working full time (and then some) at property appraising. And that worked out just fine. Now I'm worried that I will be an utter failure at teaching logic, literary analysis, and composition to my co-op classes, that I will never catch up to Travis in Latin and he will bog down again in Third Form without my help, and that Katie will spend the next year stubbornly reading novels and refusing to do anything else. 
I guess we'll see what happens!

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