Monday, August 06, 2012

Schedules, Checklists, Doughnuts...

We're back!
Back to lessons, that is.
Sort of.
Today we started with these...

That was the high point of the day! They are itty bitty little doughnuts, but Very tasty.

I hadn't finished with the assignment lists by 8:30, which meant that we didn't get a good start. We don't start math until next week, or writing until tomorrow, so today was mostly history, literature, piano, and a little Latin. We got it done, but without joy. Aside from the doughnuts, which were Quite joy-inducing, and it would be a shame for forget them!

On the positive side of the balance, I've now input lesson plans for the year for Katie's math, both Latin schedules, both grammar plans, and a few other things. Travis's math lesson plan is laid out, though not in the Homeschool Tracker yet. Planning-wise I'm almost there. Which, for me, is a fair lot of the battle! As long as we start the day with schedules posted and all necessary papers printed out, we are pretty likely to have a good day. And without those things... well, things won't be so good.

And speaking of scheduling, I completed the syllabi for the three co-op classes I'm teaching. Things of beauty, if I do say so myself. Not that I really know What I am teaching in every case (particularly in the logic class), but I have an excellent handle on When I am teaching it! And, to make it really easy to keep track of what I am supposed to prepare for each week, I put all three schedules together into a Mega-schedule. Fourteen pages of scheduled stuff. So each week I only have to panic about the stuff between two gray bars. How bad can that be?

And, because it is Still Summer...

We went to the pool last Wednesday. They use high school students for life guards, so they close when school starts. But we enjoyed our last swim!

And finally
Travis saved Nutella foil tops for ages (and we Scoffed). A while back he sent them in for redemption, and we forgot all about them... until he got a box in the mail today!  Now Katie says it is her turn to save Nutella tops!

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