Sunday, September 09, 2012

At It Again

Procrastinating, that is. I did finish grading the papers, but the logic for this week is so boring! Oh my word! The program does improve, but at this point we are hashing and rehashing the meanings of words like "term" and "proposition," and a person can only stand so much of that sort of thing.

So I told the kids to go out for One Last Swim.

   We are draining the pool, and it seems that the depletion of the pool chemical fund and the end of good swimming days worked out evenly this year! Travis was freezing, and even Katie, who actually has some body fat, was chilly. They played for a little while, then came in and defrosted.

When I flipped the calendar to September I started to think about the apple trees at my parents' house and how nice it would be to fill my freezer with sliced pie apples -- enough for pies all winter, maybe. Today I went over to their house to take a look...
That was the best there was. Apparently the apples have come and gone already, and there weren't many. Might have been enough for a skimpy tartlet. Maybe next year I'll give them a little fertilizer & check in August!

Also, as requested, I took a look at the crape myrtles. Some flowers, and lots of those little "ball" thingies. So, either they are Going to flower or they just Did flower. I'll check again soon, Daddy!

And the trees beside the crape myrtles have some very pretty red berries.

And finally, my hydrangeas!

They just keep blooming! If it weren't so much trouble, I'd like to dig up all my poor mutated rose bushes and plant hydrangeas! I love that blue!

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