Saturday, September 08, 2012


I am procrastinating. Rather than grading Tuck Everlasting papers and preparing to teach on Monday, I've been reading Barbara Holland's When All the World Was Young. The moment when I feel like grading persuasive essays seems unlikely to occur, and I finally sat down at my desk, prepared with grading rubric and the outline of what the essays are supposed to have in them. And then, happily, I remembered that there are pictures on my camera that I really Ought of post on my blog! Blessed excuse!

okay. not much of an excuse. but I'm grasping at straws here.

The kids, playing "rock, paper, scissors, shoes" (I don't know where the shoes came from, but they always have them) to decide who gets to scoop the spiders and leaves out of the pool.

Travis lost six times in a row before he finally accepted the decree of fate.

Ed says he isn't buying chemicals again this year. They are going to miss the pool!

And this is from Florida, April 2004. Apropos of nothing, except the kids were so little and snuggly.

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