Thursday, September 20, 2012

Home Ec

 Today Katie finished the doll she's been working on. I think it came out nicely. Now, if only she'd show the same enthusiasm for math...

And my new bookcases are in! Really just two new shelves -- the wide one on the left and the narrow one of the right -- but they now wrap around the corner of the room and I think it makes the room feel much cozier. What could be nicer than being surrounded by books?
  (I took this of the left side, partway through putting the books on. This one is mostly children's books and Katie had a large share in the arrangement. That little bottom shelf is now full too.)
 Here is the right side. You can't really see it in the picture, but the far right shelf is narrow, like the corner piece. This is what happens when people will put windows in houses, using up perfectly nice wall space.

And here is a sweet Ed touch! An itty bitty little clip on light for the right corner! The lighting in the dining room is pretty poor, and the light will make it easier to read the titles on those cd cases. And it is just cute!

It may appear that, despite new shelves, I have no more space for books, but actually I have gained nearly four feet on various shelves around the house, as well as having cleared off a rather precarious pile on the top of the shelf beside my desk. Lots of space for all the books that might come my way!

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Anonymous said...

pea green of your shelves! we have such a little house, we don't have the room for many, which translates into limiting our purchases of books..o well. someday:)