Friday, October 19, 2012


I've wanted to learn chess for ages, but it always seemed intimidating. Recently, though, it came to me that I'm not getting any smarter -- rather the reverse -- and also that playing chess might be a more productive way to spend time with Travis than arguing about the merits of Korean pop music.

So I ordered a chess set from Amazon, and, astonishing and delightful, it arrived today! Travis found us a series of "how to play chess" videos on YouTube, and we were up and running. Sort of. Well, actually more like "up and staggering," but it was fun!

 (this is Travis's art shot)

Chess cat.

And after dinner we played Bananagrams. We are trying to get back in form, so that next month, when my parents get here, they won't trounce us every game!
(this is Travis's winning arrangement. Ed had a really nice one, using "Dracula," until we reminded him about the proper nouns thing. And the fact that he misspelled Dracula. Ed is actually quite good at the game, but his spelling is very eccentric.)

And here is Katie, playing Red River Valley...

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