Monday, October 15, 2012


The "holiday" was over today, and I emerged from my happy cocoon of chocolate and books and the kids and I went to co-op. It wasn't actually a long holiday, but we had a week without a co-op meeting, so we slacked a little and took three days off for real. Very nice. And it was nice to see our homeschool friends again. I have a nasty suspicion that none of the boys did well on their logic tests (haven't steeled myself to grade them yet), but they are making very good progress with Dracula, and judging by their readings of their rough drafts, their papers on Out of the Silent Planet will be much better than the Fahrenheit 451 papers. So, overall things seem pretty good.

Katie asked to play a game tonight, so we pulled out the Pictionary Jr. Usual teams: Katie and I against Ed and Travis. Fudge for nibbling.

Katie and I won both rounds, but Travis did a few really excellent pictures (and of course Ed's were very artistic too), and we all had fun.
Here is a sheep Travis drew which Ed did not guess...
...I'm not sure why. (although it might be a sheep disguised as an angry ostrich in sandals!)

And a fox I drew that Katie guessed for our first win.
He's not really very foxy, but fortunately Katie is clever!

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