Monday, October 01, 2012

End of Unit One!

We had our end of unit celebration today at co-op! Just in time, as I've been feeling a bit frazzled and am very ready for a week off (during which I am supposed to prepare for the next unit, but we'll ignore that for now and call it a break! Actually, we'll still be carrying on with math, science, grammar, Latin, etc., but the co-op stuff will have a week off. Anyway, it's good!).

The kids had a very good time!
Katie's Latin class dressed up for the occasion...

 (puellae pulchrae)

The boys presented their (auto)biographical reports. Here we have Teddy Roosevelt, Vladimir Lenin, Woodrow Wilson, and the Czar of Russia (he looks like Ivan the Terrible, but I'm sure he's really a proper, 20th century czar)
 They appear to have been out for a rough night on the town, and poor Lenin clearly got the worst of it. Roosevelt and the czar can handle a lot without suffering the next day, and Woodrow Wilson is feeling sanctimonious because he only had ginger ale.

I think Travis makes a very convincing Mad Russian, though to me he looks more like an anarchist than a communist.

 So inspiring!

And then the younger group presented a Charlie Chaplin silent movie. It involved three elegant ladies out to enjoy a meal at a fine restaurant. Their waiter accidentally pulled one chair out too far...

drenched a diner instead of properly filling her glass...

and was roundly denounced ...

 The whole thing was done without a sound except the properly dramatic piano accompaniment of their (gifted!) teacher. It really was fun!

 And now on to the 1930's!

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