Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And Now, In an Alternate Reality...

I am apparently a criminally inclined black man.
I got a notice from the city of St. Peters, Missouri today, informing me that they have photo evidence of me in my Ford van, running a red light. In Missouri.
(my Ford van)

The only picture I found somewhat persuasive was this one, where the vehicle does actually appear to be running a red light...

They want money or a court appearance, and they do have my full name and address, as well as the fact (which doesn't seem very relevant, given the photo evidence) that my vehicle is a 2004 Ford van. The plate number is not mine, but the woman who answered the phone at the enforcement office in Missouri didn't find that interesting and said she couldn't do anything to help me. The notice threatens arrest if I don't pay up or appear in court. I've never been to Missouri and I know it is wrong to generalize about the whole state based on this one sample of their competence, but right now I am not impressed.

In other news, the cats brought a mouse to the school room today. I happened to be walking past them and noticed it. I hardly screamed at all, and gratefully observed that they hadn't strewn its guts around. Then I thought it might still be alive. Which it was! It was really a Very Cute mouse, and I released it outside. Right by the porch, because I thought it would like to live underneath. Ed wasn't delighted, pointing out that it will probably go straight back into the basement, which is undoubtedly where the cats caught it in the first place. But then he brought in the mail and I was all distraught over being accused of being a Missouri criminal, so he had to forgive me!

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