Monday, November 26, 2012

Seven Bookish Questions

Mental Multivitamin had a fun post today in which she answered "seven bookish questions," and, completely uninvited, I am stealing her theme.

1. What book (a classic) do you hate?
Nothing came to mind at first. It has been a long while since I've had to read anything. So I googled some lists of classics and, surprisingly, Toni Morrison's Beloved was on two of them! Now that is a book I remember loathing when I had to read it in college, and there is very little I remember from that far back, so I must have hated it pretty deeply.
I also came across A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, by Twain, which I was supposed to read for a book group about five years ago and never finished because it was so unspeakably boring.  So I'm going for two in this category, which will make up for skimpy work later down the list.

2. To what extent do you judge people by what they read?
Not much. Really the only people I talk books with are my parents, and they read good books.  I do look at  what people read on Goodreads, always hoping to find a "reading buddy" whose taste corresponds to mine, but so far I haven't found anyone. I will admit to wondering about people whose lists are heavy on books with covers featuring  bodice ripping vampires, but that is as far as it goes.

3. What television series would you recommend as the literariest?
This is where I use my extra credit from question #1.  But, actually, I do have a show! We just finished watching PBS's Great Expectations (2011) with Gillian Anderson, David Suchet, etc., and we enjoyed it very much.  And now that I think about it, the BBC's Hamlet (2009) with David Tennant was terrific!  It has been years since I've regularly watched a television show, but we love the PBS/BBC versions of Trollope, Austen, Dickens, etc. 

4. Describe your ideal home library.
My ideal library would have my books -- I love my books -- but it would also include comfortable chairs and good lighting.  And I've always wanted one of those sliding ladders. IKEA sells one (at least, I think it slides), but, as Ed has unkindly pointed out, my library lacks a sufficient length of shelf to make a sliding ladder seem quite necessary. He's right, but someday....

5. Books or sex?

6. How do you decide what to read next?
It's a bit random, but each book just seems to lead to more books. I try to do some reading that relates to what the kids are studying in history, and I usually have something relating to religion, and then it is always nice to have a novel going.  And the kids still enjoy being read to in the evening. At any rate, I have lists and stacks, and whenever I finish one book there are always several clamoring to be read. I guess I don't know how I decide. Magic happens.

7. How much do you talk about books in real life (outside the blogging community)?
Very little, sadly. I sometimes talk to Ed about the books I'm reading, and he nods sweetly and humors me. Katie and I talk about books a little, and she has wonderfully strong opinions about characters. You'd think Travis and I would have deep conversations about books, given that I assign him good stuff and lead his group in discussions at our co-op, but he really isn't much of a book discusser. My parents enjoy talking about books, but they are much better read than I am. I've recently started the Patrick O'Brien Aubrey-Maturin series, though, which they love, so I expect we'll have fun with that one!

And that is it! The seven bookish questions! Thoughts?

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