Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Tuesday Hike

Today we finished school at lunch time (I specially arranged the weekly assignment schedule to make this possible, otherwise we'd never have been done at noon!) and after lunch we picked up my parents and went for a hike. It was a beautiful day!

 My dad pointed out these fine lichens.

Katie lagged on the way up, but when we got to Wolf Rock she was full of pep!

And here are a couple utterly tasteless pictures in which my darlings pretend to fall off the cliff. It was Travis's idea, but his poses are not very dramatic, are they? Katie makes up for him. And, just so you know, there isn't actually a cliff! The rock slopes down pretty gradually. But it certainly does look like there could be a drop, doesn't it?
 Fly, you fools! Fly!

Here my parents composedly regard their grandchildren cavorting.

And here we have clear evidence of Bigfoot! Well, actually, more like a large monoped. Well, really, it is a sort-of foot shaped mark in the rock to which some clever hiker before us added five toes!

 Cute, eh?

And here my parents and Travis are walking along and Travis is explaining something about history or oil spills or video games or.... well, just about anything! I think he's been storing up things to tell them about for the past six months.

Did I mention that it was a gorgeous day?

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