Monday, January 21, 2013


Good day at co-op, and it looks like we'll be busy reading this week!

We're up to Eisenhower this week. Also the Civil Rights movement, more on Israel, China, and Vietnam. Actually, I missed a couple of books. Anyway, it should be interesting!

Ed has been feeling rotten lately (emergency room rotten on Sunday morning) and we missed church and now find ourselves in the only-slightly sad position of having to eat the non-freezable desserts I'd prepared for coffee hour (I was supposed to provide the sweets, while a friend was providing the savory. Fortunately, we had a big pot luck the week before, and there were plenty of left-over desserts for her to put out when we didn't make it.) He's been rayed and scanned and tested like all-get-out (did you know that they now have a blood test that finds blood clots? I thought that was neat!), but we're still waiting to hear why the severe pain. Your prayers would be most welcome!

And last week we finally got snow! Just.

I believe it was what you could call a "dusting" of snow, only, thanks to the days and days of rain which preceded it, it turned crunchy as soon as it hit the wet ground. Now much good for snow men, but better than nothing!

And in book news, I'm finishing The Odyssey, which I like better than The Iliad, and am very much enjoying Elizabeth Vandiver's Lectures on Homer. She really is an Excellent teacher, and even though I can't say I've really become fond of Odysseus or all those strutting, blood-thirsty Greeks, I am appreciating the stories much more than I would without her!

I'm also enjoying The Violinist's Thumb, which is very interesting, although the science is giving me a run for my money!

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