Thursday, January 17, 2013


We're still here! 
Not much has seemed "bloggable" here this past week. Nice, but very quiet. 
Last Friday my parents and my nephew came over for dessert and Bananagrams. That was fun. He's back in Maine now, cleverly avoiding this past week's pretty much non-stop rain.

And the cats (did I mention it's been a slow week here?). Yesterday I heard a strange noise in the living room. Bravely peeking in, I found the cats with one of the kids' Zhu zhu pets. The thing apparently has unusually long lasting batteries, as it was squeaking and whistling away like anything. The cats usually bring down Barbie stuff, but the Zhu zhu hamster seems much more appropriate (and it has no tiny high heels to lose!).

Travis made this video to meet a requirement for last week's science class. More flash than science, but pretty funny!

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