Sunday, January 06, 2013

So Far This Year...

 We've snuggled under blankets and read. And snuggled under blankets planning to read, then fallen asleep instead. The cats approve either way. 

And the cats. Doing what they do best.
 Only Harry finds all that Being Awake pretty tiring. Time for another nap.

We've also done school work. Not with any special brilliance, but what needed doing mostly got done. We did watch Gandhi, since the kids read about  him and about India this week, and it is still excellent, and also Tupperware, which was moderately interesting (and fit with Travis's taste for documentaries on obscure topics), but sort of dwarfed by Gandhi.

And Katie worked on crazy hairstyles to enter into an American Girls contest.

Today after church  Travis and I went hiking with my parents and my nephew, Justin, at Stone Mountain. It was a little (okay, a lot) cold, but still gorgeous!

Justin has even longer hair than Travis!
 Cousins. Too cool to smile (or maybe their lips were too stiff to move, what with the cold wind).

And Travis took this. Grown-ups know that you have to smile when a camera is pointed at you, no matter how frozen your face!

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